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Máy hàn thiếc tự động Robot FA-1000

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Desktop Soldering System

System can be configured by selecting the required units.

Functions required for automatic soldering are sold as separate units.
Lower price point can be realized by purchasing necessary units separately.

Please refer to FA-1000 series Configuration Guide from below.

Sample Robot Configuration

Control Unit FA-1000

High performance control unit. 256 soldering conditions can be registered.
• I/O port as standard equipment can be connected with various robots.
• Easy-to-operate multi-language touch panel
• Memory card function and tip temperature output to monitor can be added as options.

About Optional Functions
• Memory Card Reader / Writer
You can save soldering configurations on memory cards. Very useful to copy the data to other FA-1000 Control Units and also to backup.
• 1-5 V Analog Voltage Output
Tip temperature is output by 1-5 V analog voltage. An off-the-shelf data logger would be helpful to monitor temperature control.

Solder Feeder Unit FA-1000FD

• Stepping motor controls feed amount precisely.
• Solder wire diameter can be changed by replacing V-groove unit / Clog-detection unit only.
• Use convenient solder-feeding knob to adjust position of solder feed.

Clog-Detection Unit FA-1000FDB

Detect solder clogs immediately.
Prevent solder buckling. (When using FA-1000 FD)

Solder Reel Holder FA-1000RH1

Solder-Finish Sensor
*Solder not included

Solder-Receiving Tube FA-1000VTB

This tube passes solder from the solder reel holder to the V-groove unit. Select the most suitable tube by robot type and solder diameter.

Soldering Unit FA-1000SD

Compact and easily installed on robots and devices.
Built-in linear guide makes high-precision soldering possible. (Stroke length 10mm)
Easier to replace tips with new improved mechanism. (Tip not included)

V-Groove Unit FA-1000VU

• Swappable gearbox can make V-groove.
• Vertical grooved rollers prevent solder slippage.
• Flux gas inside the solder can easily escape by V-grooving processing on the solder, and it is possible to reduce “solder and flux scattering” which causes defects.

Air Blow Tip Cleaner FA-1000CL

Fan to suck up flux during air-blow cleaning is included. Easy to clean and maintain.

To attach Air Blow Tip Cleaner, you need Fixing Plate for Air Blow Tip Cleaner.

FA-1000CLP1 : For small robot (FA-3204)
FA-1000CLP2 : For big robot (FA-3304, FA-3404)

Includes a fan for sucking flux when the air blows.

Diagonal Driver FA-1000SL

The up and down strokes of the FA-1000SD (Soldering unit) are air-driven.
Up/Down detection sensor.
Stroke length: 10mm / 4mm

Brush Tip Cleaner FA-1000BC

To install to a robot, the Fixing Plate for the Air Blow Tip Cleaner is necessary.

Removes scorching of flux on the tip that cannot be removed by Air-blow cleaner.

Model FA-1000
Công suất 180W
Voltage 100V, 110–120V, 220–240V AC 50/60Hz
Nhiệt độ cài đặt 50−450℃
Accessories Control Unit /Solder Feeder Unit/ Soldering Unit

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