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CD2H-Laser Displacement Sensors

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Highest-in-class*Repeat Accuracy and Sampling Period are achieved by originally developed ultra-sensitive C-MOS image sensor.
These features contribute quality improvement and faster operation of production lines in a broad range of manufacturing.
CD2H Series is the C-MOS Laser Displacement Sensor that achieves the Fastest-in-class Repeat Accuracy of 0.25μm and Sampling Period up to 133.3μs.
The long-range models that are capable to measure in a distance up to 1,200mm can be used in a wide range of application, such as measurement of a sheet-roll diameter and stack height.
The OLED display and IO-Link are supported as standard.
These are high-performance displacement sensors that support measurement requirements for high accuracy.
*Among laser displacement sensors with the repeat accuracy of 1μm
(Investigated by OPTEX FA in November 2021)

Reasons for first-in-class performance

Equipped with the ATMOS image sensor

  • The Best-in-class preformation is achieved by the ultra-sensitive ATMOS image sensor that was originally developed for the most advanced displacement sensor, CDX Series.

    ATMOS: Auto Tuning C-MOS
    Only in the industry- Feedback-free high-speed shutter

The unique algorithm realizes measurement without feedback process.
Real-time measurement is realized, as momentary errors of measurement and delay in response are eliminated.

Fastest-in-class Sampling Period*


Wide lineup of measurement ranges

Narrow measurement ranges of displacement sensors have required to adjust installation or model of the sensors to measure the distance to objects.
CD2H-700 with the longest distance of measurement range of 700+/-500mm reduces work and time of setup changes.


                                                        Detection of Uneven Winding                           Measurement of Automobile Body Position


                                                          Sealing Inspection of Cupped Foods               Wind-off Measurement of Secondary Battery Film


                                                    Height Measurement of Mounted Components              Presence Detection of Electronics Components               



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