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Standard-sized Amplifier Built-in Sensors Z4 Series

  • Thương hiệu: OPTEX-FA
  • Mã sản phẩm: Z4T-2500N
  • Tình trạng: 2-3 Ngày
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IO-Link supported

  • Connectable to various field networks via IO-Link Master.
    Monitoring data of received light amount and output status can be communicated with PLC via IO-Link Master.
    In addition, sensitivity, output mode and timer settings can be made via the field network.

  • ● Click here for details about IO-Link Master

Enhanced ambient illuminance resistance

Compared to the conventional models, the ambient illuminance (sunlight) has been improved by approximately 5 times, making it less susceptible to ambient light, which can cause malfunctions.

Conventional models
Sunlight: 10,000 lx or less, Incandescent lamp: 3,000 lx or less
Z4B Series
Sunlight: 50,000 lx or less, Incandescent lamp: 5,000 lx or less

High power LED provides stable detection

  • High power LED provides stable detection

    • The Z4 Series through-beam type sensor has a 25 m sensing distance, the longest in its class.
      The margin for the receiving light quantity has been increased significantly, helping the sensor overcome interference from dust or other fine particles.


      • Detecting or counting boxes flowing through a process (Retro reflective type)


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