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Thiết bị đo bằng tia hồng ngoại CS SERIES

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Measurement temperature range: -40 to 500℃ / 0 to 1000℃ World's smallest class sensor head


  • Heat-resistant sensor head capable of handling up to 180°C (356°F)
  • Industry’s highest level of waterproof performance
  • Compact body offering both visibility and operability
CS Series
  • World’s smallest-class sensor head ideal for installation in limited space

    The ultra-compact head measures only M12 (ø14) × 30 mm.
    This allows the thermometer to be mounted to a wide variety of equipment in various manufacturing lines.

  • Compact body offering both visibility and operability

    The 7-segment, large digital display is incredibly easy to read.
    In addition, the large, easy-to-understand buttons make operation easier even when mounted to equipment.

  • Heat-resistant sensor head capable of handling up to 180°C (356°F)

    The sensor head and cable are heat resistant to 180°C (356°F). This eliminates the need for water cooling even in high-temperature environments.
    (Low- and medium-temperature models are heat resistant to 100°C (212°F).)

  • Industry’s highest level of waterproof performance

    In harsh manufacturing lines, water and dust can cause sensors to fail, so environmental resistance is a must.
    The CS series offers IP69K protection as stipulated by German standard DIN40050-9.
    This allows for problem-free use even in high-pressure sterilization washing.

  • 2-point teaching function for simple temperature adjustment

    The CS series is now equipped with a 2-point teaching function. Setting the upper and lower limits for a measurement target makes adjusting in order to display the desired value easy.

  • Various measurement modes

    Bank function
    Settings can be saved independently for banks 1 through 4.

    Output scaling function
    The temperature range of the analog output (4 to 20 mA) can be set as desired.

    Trigger function
    Output control can be set according to trigger (synchronization) input.
    [External trigger / Wave trigger / MAX, MIN, P-P, SAMPLE hold]

  • Laser marker for easy alignment (optional)

    A laser marker makes precise positioning easy even with a small head, which is difficult with a conventional setup.
    Designed to be the same shape as the sensor head, laser markers can be easily used during alignment.

Vùng đo nhiệt độ -40 to 500℃ / 0 to 1000℃
Xuất xứ JAPAN
FOV ø30/500 mm (22:1), ø40/500 mm (15:1)

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